Happy new year 2015 to everyone!

March 2015

They look good and they are brand new: the basins of the small sanitary block (behind the restaurant). And they are particularly handy! You no longer need to go to the big sanitary block to do the dishes when you are staying at the ‘plateau’! And… as promised: the first guests to use the new basins (evidence required!) will receive a present from Le Fiscalou!

April 2015

A wooden shelter has been placed in the garden opposite the restaurant. This space was freed for storing the chairs and tables from the outdoor café. Their previous storage is now taken by the new basins!

Merci Alain et Viviane !!!

A new outdoor café for Fiscalou’s restaurant. With solid wood components we have created a whole new deck. More beautiful and more comfortable to your feet, all the bumps have been removed, and the tables, chairs and umbrellas have found a new spot. Come try it out!

Merci Jean-Marc !

The pétanque court has become bigger! Boule game enthusiasts can participate in a tournament without having to play on a path filled with pebbles…

The volleyball court has been moved: it is now closer to the pétanque court. It will, of course, also be possible to play badminton there, and there is still a suitable spot for table tennis tournaments.

Merci Monique !

The first meal of the 2015 season: free-range guinea fowl and vegetable assortment, with an apple pie to finish, thanks to our charming hostesses and hosts Erna, Jenny, Berend and Nico … And soon after, the second meal: a speciality from the Auvergne: Truffade with sausage, and add a fresh strawberry soup! And many more tasty dishes at the horizon: home made cassoulet, home made pizza, coconut chicken… We hope to see you at our tastings!

May 2015

Ca y est, la piscine est en route !

This summer, the frogs will have to look for another place to stay!

October 2015

In the summer of 2015 the weather was gorgeous and it was warm. And we had great times at Le Fiscalou.

There was, of course, a lot of ‘splashing’ in the pool, during the day and in the evening, there were many petanque tournaments, but the Finnish skittles game and the arts and crafts activities for young and old were also very popular.

And what about the meals we had together at the large table, where we enjoyed the delicious confit de canard, the lovely Auvergne salads, the copious barbecues and the unforgettable home-made desserts: chocolate mousse, apricot tart, tiramisu with strawberries and many more goodies. And everything was prepared with regional products.

Guests were also able to discover the local products at the mini market that could be found at the camp-site every Monday morning. And it will be there again in 2016!

Thanks to the local artists, we enjoyed merry musical acts in the evening!

And the last evenings of the season, in late September, were quite memorable!

November 2015

The outside at the front desk “l’accueil” has had a makeover: the space in front and on the side has been tiled, and gravel has been added (no less than 13 tons)!

December 2015

A completely new interior for this part of the house: the storage space and the kitchen have been turned into a cosy reception area where you will always be greeted with a smile!

This Christmas at Le Fiscalou, spring already showed its face: the mimosa was flowering!