A winter sun at Le Fiscalou, different than in the summer, but just as beautiful, don’t you agree?

Extensive works to improve the naturist zones, to make them even larger, flatter, more beautiful, and more agreeable!

Start of the drainage works near the restaurant, to prevent water infiltration.

Preparing the grounds at Le Fiscalou for a new storage space and the transformation of the old reception area into a massage room and sleeping quarters (for guest who wish to clear their tents the night before departure).

February 2017

The creation of new plots at Le Fiscalou through rearrangement and redistribution of plots.

Spring cleaning (removing dead trees and thorny bushes) and levelling of many of the plots.

At last, the mimosa is flowering! We had to wait a long time this year!

Mars 2017

Placement of bins for laundry, of draining pipes and the washing machine, after having laid the tile floor in the small sanitary block.

Construction of a cosy barbecue area with a new grill! Bring on the sausages and kebabs!

The construction of a second petanque alley, to be able to host even more tournament players!

Then, the lawn will be rolled for optimal germination. And then, we wait for the first signs of green!

Preparing the terrains for new grass. The parcels will be levelled and become larger!

April 2017

Renumbering of the plots, with coloured landmarks for better traceability. And a new plan on the grounds!

Cleaning of the pool, chasing frogs! Frogs and other amphibians have to make way for the swimmers…

Opening of the new season, and a special greeting to all campers who will be present!

October 2017

This autumn and winter, the work started early at Le Fiscalou! From October, complete replacement of the terrace of the chalet Charley n° 1 with new drainage!

November 2017

For comparison, here is a salamander at Le Fiscalou next to the marbled newt! Isn’t it pretty?

And for those who love wild animals (!), here is a small anthology of our latest meetings at Le Fiscalou!

December 2017

And some work was done for those who like to walk in the forest of Le Fiscalou without being scratched by brambles! New trails for all campers at Le Fiscalou!

At Le Fiscalou, the Forester chalets have undergone some transformations! Look for the differences between before and after… A small roof overhang that prevented rainwater from flowing normally has been removed, the terraces have been completely changed and enlarged! Now all we need to do is install the gutters…