April 2021

This year at Le Fiscalou, the pool features a brand new winter cover that will protect the new liner and make it last.

The pool deck still has its old paving stones, we have not been able to create the wooden border. But the green lawn covering the perimeter of the pool has its effect!

The entrance gate to the swimming pool has been changed.

The number plates of the campsite pitches have been redone, they are now more visible and more understandable.

The Fiscalou walking trails are marked with brand new, pretty little signs.

The tracking light has been revised, still a solar light with motion detection so as not to interfere with our beautiful starry nights. There are no more lights or signs hanging in or attached to the trees.

In the restaurant, the whole floor has been renovated. No different levels or different floor coverings anymore, everything has come together thanks to a beautiful parquet. Of course, everything had to be removed from the room to be able to install this parquet! And we have put everything back to make it a cosy place for you!

We also created a small vegetable garden near the restaurant. We brought manure and good soil there, and we made a frame with planks of pine from Le Fiscalou (trees fallen down during a storm). We have planted lots of aromatic plants that can be used to enhance all your dishes!
We have also planted some tomato plants, courgette, lettuce, paprika, and aubergine. Not to mention the strawberries, rhubarb and artichokes!

The worktop of the dishwashing sinks in the small sanitary facilities has been changed.

The large sanitary facilities have undergone major drainage work: all the gutters have been renewed with a concrete screed to correct the direction of the slopes, as well as a new drainage and a decent sump. The whole structure has been reinforced with a large wall anchor. The old laundry part has been redesigned and tiled, and is ready to accommodate new dishwashing sinks (for next year).

The wooden signs along cabins 1 through 6 have all been replaced.

And of course, like every year, all the dead leaves have been removed to make way for a beautiful, well mown lawn!

December 2020

This year, we have thoroughly renovated the swimming pool.

Now, it’s a lovely refreshed and even more pleasant pool. We also made sure to solve the leakage problems that we were experiencing since the beginning of last season.

It took a lot of work! First, the bottom and stairs of the pool had to be renovated. The edge along the bottom of the bath has been removed and the drain has been renewed.

At the same time, we adjusted the height of the first step, so that it’s not so high (making it easier to get in and out of the pool!), and all the steps have been repaired.

The railing in the middle of the stairs has been replaced by one that matches the new liner.

The lighting of the pool has also been replaced, and at night it is clearly even more beautiful than before!

All the borders of the drains in the pool have been removed, the edge of the pool has been completely smoothed out, making it possible to add a slide on the completely renewed liner. We are certain you will approve!

The old drain borders were replaced by brand new ones made of wood; which just looks a lot nicer. In the coming years, we are planning to replace the tiles around the pool with a wooden ‘beach’.

As for the technique: the filter has been completely cleaned and the inside renewed. An automatic dosing pump for water treatment has been installed, resulting in safer and cleaner water.

The leakage problem was more difficult than we thought! Not only did water leak out when the pool was full, but through infiltration it refilled itself with water when empty. Water had to be pumped out all around the pool.

This means that we had to dig out over 2 metres in length and about 50 cm in width around the pool and place a drainage pipe and various stone beds before closing everything up again.

Then we had to ‘repair’ the entire perimeter of the pool to make it look perfect again! We also sowed grass and planted a few banana and palm trees around the pool!

And we added the finishing touches to the campsite entrance:

We placed a handy information board at the entrance and we planted nerium oleanders along the fence of the new route.

The waste corner has also completely been changed; now it is accessible without having to go through the campsite entrance first and the containers have also been placed out of sight and on a firm, flat surface.

In the restaurant we have completed the following works:

The kitchen is completely finished.

The walls in the dining room and the window frames have been beautifully redone.

Furthermore, the entire ceiling has been refurbished, for instance by raising it in some places mainly in the part covered with the transparent plates.

All the lighting has been thoroughly checked, for better light, but also to make sure nobody bumps into the lamps!

The electricity in the dining room has also been completely renewed, which in and of itself was quite a puzzle!

April 2020

April 2019

April, the 27th Major work in the restaurant kitchen! Final phase: initiation of the new kitchen, Grand Opening on Saturday April 27!!

April 2019

Major work in the restaurant kitchen! Phase 12: major cleaning!

April 2019

Major work in the restaurant kitchen! Phase 12: major cleaning!

April 2019

April 2019

Working on the swimming pool: detecting the leakage…

April 2019

Major work in the restaurant kitchen! Phase 10: renovation of the walls of the restaurant room and installation of a beautiful wooden board for the new bar…

April 2019

Major work in the restaurant kitchen! Phase 9: finishing the work in the restaurant, removing old drains and pipes from the old kitchen…