Around 2024

A long anticipated event at Le Fiscalou took place in October 2023! At Le Fiscalou, we have optical fibre! The internet is working much faster!

Great things are going to be done this winter!

First of all, the trees have undergone a facelift using a 20 meter high cherry picker! And this year, we’re using a new strategy for raking leaves by trying to pick them up gradually (although it means working on it several times every week!) rather than waiting until they’ve all fallen …

And other major projects await us: we are going to bring the waterworks of the campsite up to standard (in 2 phases, one this winter, then another next winter). These are very important jobs but will be “invisible” to you. The second major project will be clearly visible, it is the renovation of the swimming pool area. It will undergo a complete transformation and even a small rearrangement, the entrance will change place a little, the footbath and the shower too. There will be a new covering, a new fence and therefore a new look. The pool will not change, since it was recently renovated with its new lining. You can follow the work in progress on Facebook!


Toujours de la rénovation au Fiscalou. Cette année, les chalets ont été poncés et repeints entièrement et ils brillent de mille feux !

L’entrée du camping a encore été améliorée, le parking en est un peu agrandi et surtout nous avons maintenant un portail électrique. Il sera fermé la nuit entre 23h et 7h. Pas de problème si vous rentrez tard, vous pourrez laisser votre véhicule avant le portail (il y a maintenant plusieurs places pour se garer avant le portail) et rentrer à pied. Côté sanitaires, c’est l’espace vaisselle du petit sanitaire qui a été rénové avec le changement et la refonte complète du plan de travail. Une belle nouveauté aussi : la création d’un nouveau sentier de promenade, un peu plus grand que le précédent et qui vous emmènera presque au bout du terrain du Fiscalou. Il a fallu le tracer puis le dégager (tronçonneuses et pelleteuse n’ont pas chômé!), il est maintenant fin prêt, à vous de le découvrir !


Le Fiscalou still under renovation. This year the cottages have been completely sanded and repainted and they shine brightly! The entrance to the Le Fiscalou has been further improved, the parking lot has been enlarged a little and above all we now have an electric gate. It will be closed at night between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. No problem if you return late, you can leave your vehicle outside the gate (there are now several places to park just outside the gate) and go in on foot.

As for the sanitary, the washing up area of the small sanitary has been renovated with the changing and complete overhaul of the worktop. A nice novelty too: the creation of a new walking path, a little larger than the previous one and which will take you almost to the end of the Fiscalou grounds. It had to be traced out and then cleared (the chainsaws and backhoes worked hard!), it is now ready, and up to you to discover it!