Le Fiscalou still under renovation. This year the cottages have been completely sanded and repainted and they shine brightly! The entrance to the Le Fiscalou has been further improved, the parking lot has been enlarged a little and above all we now have an electric gate. It will be closed at night between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. No problem if you return late, you can leave your vehicle outside the gate (there are now several places to park just outside the gate) and go in on foot.

As for the sanitary, the washing up area of the small sanitary has been renovated with the changing and complete overhaul of the worktop. A nice novelty too: the creation of a new walking path, a little larger than the previous one and which will take you almost to the end of the Fiscalou grounds. It had to be traced out and then cleared (the chainsaws and backhoes worked hard!), it is now ready, and up to you to discover it!